About our firm

Guthrie Muscovitch Architects is a Toronto-based design firm founded in 1988 by partners Randy Guthrie and Arthur Muscovitch. Since its inception, GMA has been at the forefront of residential design in Ontario. We have worked on sites as small as a single family lot, as broad as city precincts, and as diverse as large-scale condominiums, seniors’ housing, resorts and new subdivisions. Our experience and track record have benefitted our clients in realizing over 10,000 units of housing.

GMA is home to a team of energetic and resourceful architects, graduate architects and interns. Our backgrounds are varied and encompass qualifications in both architecture and planning allowing us to integrate urban planning, urban design and architecture to provide our clients with superior opportunities to realize the full potential of their projects. Our diversity has assisted GMA in achieving a unique creativity that has been recognized through numerous awards for outstanding urban design and architecture in housing projects throughout the GTA and southern Ontario.

Our design philosophy is fundamentally rooted in who we are and how we approach our projects. We work in a close-knit, collaborative environment where everyone, including the partners, is hands on and committed to the principle that good architecture must be innovative but also implementable. Beyond our professional expertise, our collective life experiences fuel our creativity and our designs are tested by asking: Would we live here? Before we proceed, the answer must be: Yes.

We are very committed, as part of our design philosophy, to respecting the communities and environments in which we work. Whether it is master planning a new community or studying the feasibility of redeveloping a derelict urban industrial site, we are sensitive to both history and demographics. Our designs incorporate the latest energy conservation features and construction materials derived from renewable resources. Ultimately, our goal is simple: to provide the highest quality living environments for people of all ages and walks of life.